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Accounting and taxation services remain central to our work with SME clients (Small & Medium size Business Enterprises). Compliance and Cash Flow are fundamental for businesses.

However, we feel that for business success, other areas are equally crucial. One such area being marketing.

You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you have no marketing strategy…

Joshua Bell is a world leading violinist with an almost priceless 300-year-old violin. In 2007, as part of a social experiment for a Washington Post magazine article he posed as a street performer in the Washington DC Metro to see if hurried commuters could recognize beauty in their midst. He wore a baseball cap, stood by the escalators and opened his violin case for tips. To make a long story short: almost no one noticed him. In 43 minutes of playing he grossed $32.17.

See ‘Violinist Joshua Bell turns train station into Concert Hall’

YouTube –

What was the impact of marketing when he played again nearly 10 years later?

Above, Bell is once again playing in a train station, but this time he’s made sure people will notice. His Publicist and Marketer, Jane Covner said that it was supposed to feel ‘impromptu’ but there’s nothing spontaneous about this. This performance was publicized and marketed. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people came to see him play.

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