JobKeeper Monthly Declaration

JobKeeper Monthly Declaration.

It seems that almost every day another important change is announced regarding JobKeeper.

One essential step that is required monthly, is the lodging with the ATO of the JobKeeper business monthly declaration.

The monthly JobKeeper Payment will not be made until this declaration is lodged each month.

The ATO has now announced an extension of the deadline for lodging the monthly declaration

to the 14th of each month.

So, the business declaration for May will now need to be completed by 14th June.  Previously, the declaration had to be lodged within 7 days of the end of the month.

The figures need to show the current and projected GST turnover and confirm the eligible employees.

Each monthly declaration must be lodged by the client directly with the ATO via the business portal confirming that the information provided is true and correct.

If a client does not have access to the business portal, the declaration can be lodged with the ATO by their accountant.

The JobKeeper Payment will not be made until the declaration is received by the ATO.

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