As a hands-on business owner, you may often feel that your business is running you, rather than the other way around. We offer our clients advice about practical business solutions.

Our experienced team has expertise in the area of business and financial matters, including:

  • Taxation advice;
  • Compliance services;
  • Accounting systems advice;
  • Cloud accounting technology;
  • Cash flow management;
  • Growing your business and improving profitability;
  • Asset protection strategic advice;
  • Wealth creation strategies;
  • Business establishment and structuring;
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning

As a leader in Business Management and Tax Planning on the Central Coast we are able to guide you through all the stages of your business, from establishment to exiting your business. We can help you capitalise on business opportunities, achieve financial objectives and implement tax effective strategies.

At Berkmans Chartered Accountants we have identified 7 key planning areas to help you become better financially organised. Our 7 step system integrates your personal and business affairs to create the most effective strategy to achieve your ‘financial freedom’. We help you every step of the way and review and update your plan regularly to take account of changing circumstances.