Asking for help or guidance.

The leaders of a huge network marketing business had started from scratch about 30 years ago.

Jim and his wife Nancy had made many mistakes over the 30 years, but they learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t work.

They eventually developed a business system that others could access. In that way, others could avoid making the same mistakes that the founders had made.

Jim and Nancy were experts and made a fortune. The interesting thing is that one might think that they were constantly being asked for advice. It turns out that very few asked them for advice, even though they would have gladly given it.

You might think that people who go into a fast food restaurant business would approach a franchisee of a McDonalds /Hungry Jacks and ask to be given a guided tour. It turns out they don’t often do that.

For some reason, many people are reluctant to ask others for help even though it would be happily given.

Ironically, most people with expertise are delighted to share it. However, it seems most people choose not to ask.

I feel this is food for thought. What do you think?

In my case, I started work for a large firm of Chartered Accountants back in 1969. So, it will be 50 years in business next year. That’s a lot of experience that I’m happy to share. Everyone reading this would have a lot you could share too, from your own expertise.

One thing I know is that no one makes it on their own. If someone is a great success, I believe they have had great help along the way.

Can anyone tell me their story about either receiving help or giving it and the impact of it? Please email me.

You might ask, “What has this blog got to do with accountancy”?

My answer is “nothing directly, other than our services are ultimately designed to improve our clients’ lives”.

We do that through a range of financial services designed to improve quality of life.

This involves building assets and protecting those assets. An improved quality of life is hopefully the result.

Asking for the right help and also giving it along the way can only benefit us all.

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