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Six top tips for navigating your divorce

  • Thursday, April 09, 2015
  • Berkmans Chartered Accountants

Estimates show that around one in three marriages end in divorce. Needless to say, the emotional costs can be significant, as can the ramifications for your financial position, especially if you are a small business owner juggling the complexities surrounding the intersection of personal and professional finances. Read More

Superannuation Planning

  • Tuesday, February 26, 2013
  • Anthony Berkman

To help with planning for the finish of the financial year the following highlights some key points to be aware of: Read More

Self Managed Superannuation - Is it for you?

  • Wednesday, February 29, 2012
  • Berkmans Chartered Accountants

Over the past 5 years there has been a massive increase in people establishing Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s). They have several benefits and a few drawbacks. There are also several myths about what you can and can’t do. Read More

Business Development issues

  • Monday, February 27, 2012
  • Anthony Berkman

Advancement vs. Continuation… Which one is it going to be? Read More

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