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A Financial Information Plan is about understanding all your financial information and figures to make good decisions. It is another step towards becoming better financially organised as you can understand where you are now, so the right plan and solution for you and your business can be developed.

Having timely and accurate data means we are able to provide constructive advice about ways to improve your financial situation such as minimising tax and maximising income.

A Financial Information Plan identifies ways to plan to get the most from your business through:

  • Identifying risks (such as cash flow problems) and opportunities (access to Government grants) for your business;
  • Tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to know exactly how your business is running;
  • Developing strategies for the best direction for your business;
  • Saving tax through establishing the most appropriate structures for your business; and
  • Increasing profit through evaluation of pricing and other decisions.

Having a Financial Information Plan in place means being able to plan for success and measure how you are tracking against your goals.

Case Study – How a Financial Information Plan saved our client thousands in tax

A few of years ago a John was referred to us and he was in all sorts of trouble. He hadn’t lodged his tax for years with the ATO, he had no records to really speak of, he was facing potential fines, and he didn’t have enough money and no real ability to get finance. John and his fiancé were living with his mother, which was adding family pressure to his already stressful situation.

Since meeting with John, not only have we been able to get on top of things with the tax office, we were able to source and access some government grants which John did not know existed, but most importantly we were able to generate up to date financial figures so John knows how his business is travelling.

By having this financial information available John was able to confidently employ another apprentice, and even better, move out of his small workshop into a bigger workshop so that he has the capacity to take on more work.

In addition, having timely, reliable figures, meant we were able to help John save on tax.By sitting down with John prior to 30 June, we were able to update his figures and provide constructive advice which saved John over $12,000 in tax.

From a personal perspective, we helped John to secure finance, so that John and his fiancé could move out of the home they were sharing with his mother.

In John’s circumstances, having a Financial Information Plan helped him make good decisions which ultimately minimised his tax, and improved his potential for increasing his income.

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